Social media toolkit


We are excited for you to join us at ESCAIDE 2022. We’ve put together a social media toolkit to help you share your participation with your colleagues and networks and generate excitement! You can use and adapt the example social media posts and download the graphics based on your participation.

ESCAIDE social media accounts

Check out our social media to keep up to date with announcements and share posts related to the ESCAIDE! As always, there will be live tweeting to follow the events during the conference.

Facebook - @ESCAIDE | Twitter - @ESCAIDE | LinkedIn - @European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC)

Suggested posts

…as a speaker:  

  • I will be speaking at [Plenary X]/[Session Y] at #ESCAIDE2022, in Stockholm and online, 23-25 November! Join to hear about [topic of the session]. Register to join me:

…as an abstract/poster presenter:  

  • I’ll be presenting an abstract at #ESCAIDE2022, in Stockholm and online, 23-25 November, in the session [fireside session X]/[poster tour Y] at [X:XX time] on [X day]. Register to join me:

…as a participant:

  • Join me at #ESCAIDE2022, in Stockholm and online, 23-25 November. Visit to check the scientific programme covering all areas from infectious diseases prevention and control.
  • I’m attending #ESCAIDE 2022 and can’t wait to hear the discussions at [session X], hear from @[presenter name] about their work in [topic] and connect with friends and colleagues! Register to join me:

Download and share the visuals

Click on a visual, then right click and 'save as image' to download the images.

to share on Facebook

social media visual for speakers
social media visual for presenters
social media visual for attendees

to share on Twitter

social media visual for speakers
social media visual for presenters
social media visual for attendees

Key links

You can include links to areas of our website with more information:

ESCAIDE website: 
Speakers at ESCAIDE:
Attending ESCAIDE:

More tips for using social media for #ESCAIDE2022

Remember to use #ESCAIDE2022 and tag our account when posting, we might even retweet your posts!

You can also use topic-related hashtags to increase the reach of your posts, for example: #COVID19 or #HIV and tag the speakers of sessions!

In the lead up and during the conference join the discussions on #ESCAIDE2022 events on Twitter, using our hashtag. Keep an eye on interesting content published from the conference organisers and participants. Have fun and engage!