MediPIET session: The role of national FETPs in strengthening countries’ capacities for infectious disease prevention and response

24 Nov 2022

The aim of the session will be to highlight the role of national field epidemiology training programmes in strengthening countries’ prevention and response to infectious diseases. In the recent years, several countries in the European neighbourhood have initiated national FETPs, while the number of national programmes in the EU apart from few exceptions, have seen a decline in numbers. The aim of this session is to feature speakers from both EU and non-EU countries to share their experience in setting-up and running national FETPs, including the impact these programmes have and the relationship with regional programmes, such as MediPIET or the ECDC Fellowship.

Date and time

24 November 2022, 14:00-15:00 CET



Nissaf Bouafif ép Ben Alaya (National Observatory of New and Emerging Diseases, Ministry of Health, Tunisia)

Nada Ghosn (Ministry of Public Health, Lebanon)

Katharina Alpers (Robert Koch Institute, Germany)

Paata Imnadze (National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, Georgia)


Adam Roth (ECDC, Sweden)


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