Abstract presentations at ESCAIDE 2021

Abstract presentations form a key part of the scientific programme at ESCAIDE. Abstracts are presented at ESCAIDE as either oral presentations or posters.

Over 300 abstracts were submitted to the ESCAIDE Scientific Committee for ESCAIDE 2021. Of these, 165 were selected to be presented as posters or oral presentations, covering a diverse spectrum of topics within applied infectious disease research and epidemiology.

Oral abstract presentations:

In the context of ESCAIDE, a fireside session is a Q&A where the presenters are given the opportunity to discuss their work and answer questions from the audience.

Each oral abstract presenter will pre-record a 10-minute presentation (an Abstract pitch) that will be available on-demand in the ESCAIDE online platform (from 8 November onwards). Additionally, the presenters will be invited to a Fireside session. At the start of the session there will be dedicated time for participants to watch the abstract pitches that will be discussed in the Q&A. The moderator will chair a Q&A panel and will ask the presenters to elaborate on some specific aspects. Each abstract presenter intervention takes about 6 minutes. 

The best oral presentation (abstract pitch) is voted for by audience after each fireside session and the overall winner is crowned at the end of ESCAIDE.

Poster abstract presentations:

Each poster will be displayed in a virtual poster exhibition on the online conference platform. These can be viewed from the launch of the platform (one week before the conference), and throughout the conference days. The details of the poster and presenter will be available, and participants can directly message presenters about their work.

At ESCAIDE 2021 we are also hosting online poster tours, which give presenters and participants an opportunity to delve deeper into their content. In each 30-minute session, presenters have 2 minutes to introduce their work, which is followed by a Q&A, where the moderator will ask questions to the presenters and address the questions received in the chat and redirect them to the presenters.

The time available is too short for a full discussion on the research, therefore the main aim of the poster tour is to set up connections between the researchers and interested participants. We hope that after the tour, participants will contact the authors to further discuss the research.

Poster tours and oral abstract fireside sessions are organised by topic and dispersed throughout the conference programme. The abstract pitches and posters will be available on the platform throughout the conference. Each will be linked to the profile of the presenters, allowing participants to get in touch through messaging feature of the platform.

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