Call for late breaker abstracts

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Call for late breaker abstracts ESCAIDE 2021

The late breaker abstract call was open from 1 September until 20 September (23:59 CET). The review process has started and results will be sent to authors during week starting 4th October.

We welcome abstracts in all areas related to infectious disease prevention and control, including epidemiology, public health microbiology, surveillance, and the application of tools and methods to support infectious disease outbreaks or interventions. Submit your abstract by clicking the link below.


Late breaker abstracts may be eligible for both oral and poster presentation at the conference.

To be eligible, the abstract must fulfil all the following criteria:

1. Report on acute urgent public health problems OR b) contain novel, surprising findings.

2. Report data or information that was unavailable before the deadline for submission in the general call for abstracts for ESCAIDE (19 May 2021).

3. Has not been published before.

Abstracts submitted for the regular program, but were rejected, are not eligible for consideration as late breaker abstracts, unless they were rejected because critical data were not yet available

By submitting an abstract to ESCAIDE presenters are given an opportunity to present work to public health professionals from Europe and around the globe, and share experiences and knowledge that can benefit the whole public health community and not only.

Guidelines for late breaker abstracts submission

Guidelines for selection of abstracts for ESCAIDE 2021

Guidelines for reviewers for ESCAIDE 2021

Abstract writing support

Mentor initiative

The Mentor initiative at ESCAIDE 2021 was organised for the standard call for abstracts.

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