Career Compass 2020

24 Nov 2020

The Career Compass is a Q&A session about the different career paths of established public health professionals. This event provides the ideal platform to help junior public health professionals connect with senior professionals and discover future career opportunities. It is organised by EPIET and EUPHEM fellows in collaboration with the EPIET Alumni Network (EAN).

Panel of presenters

Sabine Dittrich

Bioengineer and Public Health Microbiologist | FIND

Sabine Dittrich is a bioengineer by education but a public health microbiologist by training and passion. She started her career at the Institute of Tropical Medicine at the Charite in Berlin working on parasite diagnostic and the molecular epidemiology of malaria parasites. Sabine completed a PhD at the University of Manchester (UK) and was the first of two EUPHEM fellows in cohort 1 (EPIET cohort 14). She spent five years in the Lao PDR as a principle investigator with the University of Oxford studying non-malarial fevers, particularly bacterial vector-borne infections, and evaluating and developing innovative diagnostic tools in a hospital setting in South East Asia. In late-2015 she joined FIND an international non-for-profit in Geneva to establish their work on febrile illness diagnostic and advance the agenda around integrated fever management in low- and middle-income countries. She still holds an honorary position with the University of Oxford as a visiting research fellow at the Nuffield Department of Medicine.

Mathieu Bangert

Epidemiologist | Sanofi Pasteur

Monique Pereboom

Epidemiology Advisor | MSF

Monique Pereboom is an epidemiology advisor for MSF. She studied health sciences in Amsterdam, has a PhD and has completed the FETP training programme in England. Since 2018, she worked as a field-epidemiologist for MSF in Bangladesh, Ethiopia, the Central African Republic, Syria and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Before undertaking FETP Monique worked as a HIV/STI scientist surveillance at the Imperial College in London and as an epidemiologist at Public Health England.

Stine Nielsen

Vice-president | EPIET Alumni Network (EAN)

Stine Nielsen has a M.Sc in Public Health Sciences from University of Copenhagen and is submitting her doctoral thesis to Charit√© University (Berlin) soon. Before EPIET, Stine worked at WHO/Europe from 2004-2008. She started EPIET in 2008 at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) and worked there until 2015. Since 2015, she has worked from home in Madrid as an independent consultant for clients such as ECDC, EMCDDA, WHO/Europe, Epiconcept, RKI, Danish universities and the Danish national board of health. She is active on Twitter as @StineNielsenEPI.