Eurosurveillance seminar: Changing urban environments and impact on infectious diseases epidemiology, surveillance, prevention and control

23 Nov 2023
Eurosurveillance journal office

Cities are constantly evolving; organisational and infrastructural changes are being considered or initiated to reach sustainable development goals (SDGs) by 2030 and there are attempts to improve resilience to expected or unexpected hazards. These endeavours, along with future steps to deal with environmental and socio-demographic issues, as well as remaining prepared for emergencies may entail profound transformations of urban environments. Tying in with the journal’s 2024 annual theme on changing urban environments and effects on infectious diseases and their surveillance, prevention and control, the 2023 Eurosurveillance seminar will discuss how urban environment changes toward SDGs and resilience are affecting or might affect infectious disease epidemiology, surveillance, prevention and control and how these activities may need to adapt or innovate to the urban changes to remain responsive or become more effective.

Date and time

Thursday, 23 November, 13.45 - 15.15 CET


More details coming soon.


More details coming soon.