Multidisciplinary simulation exercise on producing scientific advice

21 Nov 2023
ASPCAT Public Health Agency of Catalonia (Carrer de Roc Boronat, 81, 95, 08005 Barcelona)

Led by a panel of ECDC experts, this interactive session will explore different stages of synthesising high quality scientific evidence for public health, from a multidisciplinary perspective. Facilitators will use a real-life example as a guiding case study throughout the workshop to highlight the interconnectedness, as well as strengths and limitations of various processes and methods.

This hands-on session invites participants to develop transferable insights relevant to their work in a highly interactive manner that is also meant to raise awareness for critical thinking and novel concepts. Such an interactive workshop with a holistic approach to scientific evidence generation for policy advice will be highly relevant to the daily work of the participants who are public health professionals, and it will equip them with unique insights that will activate their critical thinking right before they follow the diverse ESCAIDE programme over an additional 3 days. Building on the existing multi-disciplinary expertise and competencies of scientific processes and methods at ECDC, throughout this exercise we will be exploring with the participants: (1) using a framework for prioritisation to produce scientific advice; (2) literature reviews; (3) biostatistical and (4) mathematical modelling; (5) social behaviour; (6) health economics; (7) scientific engagement and communication; and (8) strategic foresight. 

Date and time

Tuesday 21 November 2023, 10:00-17:00 CET


Barbara Albiger, Principal Expert Scientific Quality, ECDC 

Gerjon Ikink, Principal Expert Public Health Foresight and Determinants, ECDC 

John Kinsman, Expert Social and Behaviour change, ECDC 

Gaetano Marrone, Expert Biostatistics, ECDC 

Howard Needham, Principal Expert Scientific Liaison, ECDC 

Rene Niehus, Expert Mathematical Modelling, ECDC 


This event has reached capacity, and registrations are now closed.  

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