ESCAIDE is coming to Barcelona, Warsaw and Prague!


After two years of online conferences, ESCAIDE is returning to the bi-annual hosting rotation between Sweden and another EU/EEA Member State – now also as a hybrid event.

2023, 2025, 2027 hosting city announcements

ESCAIDE follows a system of yearly rotation between Sweden and a different EU/EEA Member State. The conference will be held in Stockholm this year, as well as in 2024 and 2026. Warsaw will host the conference in 2025, following a successful proposal placed by Poland during a previous call for hosting sites. 

This summer, ECDC invited applications from all Member States to host ESCAIDE in 2023 or 2027. Compelling proposals were received from seven countries and were assessed based on the representation of Member States at previous editions of the conference, suitability of host city venues, feasibility and affordability of travel for attendees, events proposed at and around the conference, and the motivations of countries to host ESCAIDE.

At the conclusion of this process of assessment, the proposals received from the Ministry of Health, Spain and the National Institute of Public Health, Czechia scored highly.

Therefore, we are pleased to announce that ESCAIDE 2023 will be hosted by Barcelona, Spain and ESCAIDE 2027 will be hosted by Prague, Czechia.

‘The City of Barcelona, the Ministry of Health and all the public health and infectious disease community in Spain welcome the celebration of the ESCAIDE in our country next year, 2023. We are eager to embrace experts from all over Europe and the rest of the world participating in this highly recognized Conference and learn from each other in order build up a better health for all’ says Dr Silvia Calzón, State Secretary at the Ministry of Health in Spain.

ESCAIDE aims to bring together the community of public health professionals, policymakers and early-career researchers in the EU/EEA and beyond, to share scientific knowledge and build connections across disciplines to strengthen the global fight against infectious diseases.

The public health institutes and researchers of host countries and neighbouring countries benefit immensely from networking and exchanging knowledge at the conference. ESCAIDE benefits from the broadening of awareness about threats to public health, as well as the collaborative input and participation of these countries.

‘It will be an honour for Czechia to host public health experts from Europe and across the world at the prestigious conference, ESCAIDE 2027 in Prague. We would like to underline the need for the interdisciplinary “one health” approach in public heath disciplines and preparedness for health threats’ says Dr Barbora Macková, the Director of the National Institute of Public Health in Prague.

We hope that the selection of these cities will highlight the work in infectious disease prevention and control and public health training in these countries and their neighbours, and contribute to the strengthening of their public health networks.

We look forward to working with Spain, Poland and Czechia in preparation for these editions of ESCAIDE, and we are excited to get back on the road again!

ESCAIDE 2023 – Barcelona, Spain

ESCAIDE 2024 – Stockholm, Sweden

ESCAIDE 2025 – Warsaw, Poland

ESCAIDE 2026 – Stockholm, Sweden

ESCAIDE 2027 – Prague, Czechia