Mentor initiative

Funding initiative to be superseded by the Mentor initiative

One of the aims of ESCAIDE is 'strengthening and expanding the human network of all involved in this field in Europe and globally’. It is with that goal in mind ECDC has offered the Funding Initiative – a platform which facilitates participation in the conference for all those who are interested in attending, but without sufficient funds to attend.

This initiative was launched in 2017 and it has been successfully running until 2020, when unfortunately, due to developments on COVID-19, the organisers were forced to take the conference online.

Through the ESCAIDE Funding Initiative a number of abstract authors were offered the opportunity to attend the conference for its entire duration, having ECDC covering all costs related to their participation.

As ESCAIDE is going online, the Funding Initiative is being superseded by the Mentor initiative.

What is the Mentor Initiative?

An abstract is a tool to communicate the work done concisely while highlighting its most important elements. Writing a good abstract and increasing the chances of getting accepted into a conference programme can be a real challenge sometimes.

To support those that are less experienced in writing abstracts, we are launching the Mentor initiative.

By participating in this initiative, the abstract authors will receive feedback from experienced reviewers on the general scientific writing, content and format of the abstract, with the aim to further increase their chances to have their abstract accepted into the conference.

Who can participate in the Mentor initiative?

In general terms, the Mentor initiative is open to everyone that meets the selection criteria but gives preference to early career scientists. 

The conditions for participation are:

  1. Only abstracts that are to be submitted to ESCAIDE are accepted for mentoring.
  2. Only one abstract is allowed per applicant.
  3. The applicant prepares the Abstract following the ESCAIDE Guidelines for Abstract Submission, Selection and Review, see here
  4. The applicant submits the abstract to the Mentor initiative between 30 April and 2 May.
  5. The applicant receives feedback from the mentor latest by 6 May.

*Criteria to select successful applicants in the Mentor initiative at ESCAIDE:

Exclusion criteria:

  • Staff member of an EU institution.
  • Current EPIET/EUPHEM fellow/supervisor/coordinator or EU-FETP fellow/supervisor.

Selection criteria:

  • The applicant completes the self-paced course “Essentials of Writing and Reviewing Scientific Abstracts: a field epidemiology focus” e-learning course offered by the ECDC on the ECDC Virtual Academy Platform (EVA). 
  • The applicant is working in a EU/EEA Member State.
  • The abstract will be submitted for ESCAIDE 2021.

Advantageous criteria:

  • The applicant is an early-career public health professional with a maximum of 5 years work experience or a current MSc or PhD student in an area relevant to Public Health/infectious diseases epidemiology, prevention and control.

How can you apply?

  1. Complete the “Essentials of Writing and Reviewing Scientific Abstracts: a field epidemiology focus” e-learning course offered by the ECDC on the ECDC Virtual Academy Platform (EVA) (approximately 2 hours) by 30 April 2021 to qualify for enrolment. Enrol here.
  2. Enrol in the “Peer feedback on Writing and Reviewing Scientific Abstracts: a field epidemiology focus April-May 2021” e-learning on EVA. Enrol here.
  3. Fill out the application form (“Apply to the ESCAIDE mentorship programme”) inside the course.

General information:

  1. Abstracts submitted to the Mentor initiative will be done through the ECDC Virtual Academy (EVA). More information here.
  2. The mentoring process is done independently from the official abstract review process at ESCAIDE, and by submitting an abstract to the Mentor initiative, no guarantee can be provided that the abstract will be accepted into the conference.
  3. During the official abstract review process for ESCAIDE 2021, a reviewer that has provided mentorship to a given abstract, will not be allowed to review the same abstract. The ESCAIDE organisers will check this before the review process starts.
  4. Mentors will give feedback on the general content, formatting and the language used to write the abstract.  Mentors will not give any technical advice or reference to other practices, studies, literature, data.
  5. Mentors will not make any correction to the abstract, but only provide comments.
  6. Only one-time feedback is provided.
  7. Identity of mentors is anonymous.
  8. The Mentor initiative at ESCAIDE 2021 is a pilot programme, with a limited number of mentors, hence the organisers reserve the right to decide which abstracts will benefit from mentoring, based on the availability of the mentors and by fulfilling the criteria.