Funding initiative

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The Funding Initiative at ESCAIDE 2018 will open for late breaker abstract submission. 

One of the aims of the ECDC conference ESCAIDE is 'strengthening and expanding the human network of all involved in this field in Europe and globally’. It is with that goal in mind ECDC is continuing the second edition of the Funding initiative at ESCAIDE to be organised for the 2018 conference. The initiative aims to facilitate participation in the conference for all those who are interested in attending, but without sufficient funds to attend.

The organisers reserve the right to decide the number of participants to be offered this opportunity in 2018, based on budget availability and number of applicants.

The successful applicants will be invited to attend ESCAIDE for its three conference days (21- 23 November 2018) but also for a side event at ESCAIDE, organised as a 1- day course on evidence- based methods (EBmethods) on 20 November 2018. More details here.

ECDC will take care of the travel and accommodation arrangements, and cover the costs of travel from an EU/EEA Member State, accommodation, conference registration and reimbursement of the per-diem for all four days (20- 23 November 2018), in accordance with ECDC Rules on Reimbursements. In order to encourage participation from the hosting country, in addition to the main funding initiative, and at the discretion of the Selection Committee, free conference registration may be offered to participants from Malta.

Eligibility criteria

  • The applicant has submitted an abstract at ESCAIDE 2018 in the call for late breaker abstracts (27 August- 14 September 2018)
  • The applicant is an early-career public health professional with a maximum of 5 years work experience or a current MSc or PhD student in an area relevant to Public Health/infectious diseases epidemiology, prevention and control.
  • The applicant is coming from an EU/EEA Member State (being either an EU/EEA national, or living in an EU/EEA Member State for at least 3 years with residency and working permit).

The final decision on the selection of the successful applicants will take into consideration elements such as:

  • The applicant has an accepted late breaker abstract at ESCAIDE 2018 (oral or poster). Only one author per abstract is considered who must also be the presenter at the Conference;
  • The applicant is coming from an EU/EEA Member State that has been under represented at ESCAIDE;
  • The originality of the work presented in the abstract;
  • The applicant has not participated in ESCAIDE before;
  • The applicant is available to attend all three conference days (21- 23 November 2018), including the EBM training course to be organised on 20 November 2018.

The Selection Committee for this initiative will be composed of ECDC members that belong to the Scientific Advice Coordination Section (SACS) and Public Health Training Section (PHT).

Exclusion criteria

Please note that the following participants are not eligible:

  • Staff member of an EU institution;
  • Current EPIET/EUPHEM fellow/supervisor/coordinator or EU-FETP fellow/supervisor;
  • Participant in the Capacity Building workshop organised by ECDC for ESCAIDE 2016 and in the Funding Initiative for ESCAIDE 2017.


The application process will be open from 17 September to 21 September 2018.
The results will be announced with week beginning 24 September 2018.

Application Process

Please send your application to . In the subject line of your email, please include the following: YOUR FULL NAME and FUNDING INITIATIVE ESCAIDE 2018. The application should include the following documents:

  • The application form can be downloaded here;
  • A personal statement that, at the time of application, no other travel funds or grants have been received;
  • A copy of your CV.

Please note that successful applicants may be required to provide evidence of eligibility regarding country of origin or residency status. (A copy of your passport, proof of residence or work permit, or other documentary evidence to demonstrate EU/EEA nationality, or residency in the EU/EEA for at least the previous 3 years from the date of application).

By submitting your application, you give your consent that your personal data is processed by ECDC as described here.